Our 50 Year project at the QEII hospital

Brig-O-Doon Nursing Home

The construction of a gazebo for the Brig-O-Doon Nursing Home was commenced on 14th July 2001. Through the excellent direction and support of our “resident builder” Paul Straka the construction was completed in September of that year.
The gazebo was officially opened by the Member for Algester Karen Struthers on 13th April 2002. Whilst it was a successful club project attended by a large number of members and their partners, the final success was directly attributable to Paul’s planning, guidance and hard work.

QEII Hospital

In 2012, after a long absence from the QEII Hospital, the Club identified the opportunity to undertake the construction of a gazebo for the Hospital.  A major project to celebrate the 50th Year had been planned, but circumstances outside our control saw that project postponed.  It was decided to make the gazebo our 50th anniversary project.
This was the first significant “hands on” project undertaken by the Club in a number of years. All the members agreed it was a personally satisfying exercise.
Again the expertise of the Club’s resident builder came to the fore.  Work on the gazebo commenced in September 2012. Construction was completed in January 2013 and was officially opened on 22nd January 2013.
Thanks to Paul Straka for his project management and hard work and to all the members and partners who contributed to the successful completion