This year marks 11 years since the club's Gallang Dhagun  Rotunda at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Brisbane's Southside. 
Located just across from the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee (QEII) Hospital overlooking Kessels Road, a Rotary Gazebo now known as the Gallang Dhagun rotunda sits proudly for the enjoyment of the community.
As part of the Rotary Club of Salisbury’s 50th anniversary back in 2012, the seed of an idea to build a rotunda for the QEII was formed and unanimously supported by all members. In September 2012, Paul Straka donned his project management hat and the idea began to take form. 
This major project was supported by the Club’s resident builder and the construction was completed in January 2013. The official launch took place on 22 January 2013 to the gratitude and appreciation of the QEII Hospital leadership and staff. To this day, Rotary Club of Salisbury continues to be involved with the Gallang Dhagun rotunda by helping with its maintenance and keeping it clean on a regular basis.
This year marks the 11th anniversary of the rotunda which has seen many emotions from the people who have rested there. Whether from the relief and joy of a loved one or the enervation of a hospital employee, the Gallang Dhagun has seen it all, proudly giving the community a brief respite.
In the coming years, the QE II Hospital will undergo an urgent need of expansion to meet the growing demands of the local population. The redevelopment will see additional beds, operating theatres, a new sterilising department and a multi-storey carpark. In fact, Pathology Queensland will also expand their footprint within the hospital to install a second analyser.
What does this mean for the Gallang Dhagun? Currently the plan is to relocate the rotunda so while it may not enjoy the busy view of Kessel Street, it will no doubt continue to provide recess to those who need it.